Welcome to Ferme aux pleines saveurs

Many fruits and vegetables grown at the Ferme aux Pleines Saveurs are distributed fresh or as homemade products transformed directly at the farm.

As the farm’s name suggests, we aim to produce tasty food that will nourrish both body and mind, awakening your taste buds.

These fruits and vegetables are produced according to the principles of organic agriculture in order to maintain biodiversity at farm level and respecting the natural cycles.

Our products are available as a subscription to our organic baskets through the Outaouais Regional Solidarity Market (MSRO), in many health food stores and you can find them in a few restaurants of Ottawa and the Outaouais region.

Contest: Will you be faithful this year?

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Have you already subscribed to the organic baskets of our farm?
Sign up for our organic baskets for the summer of 2018 before March 1st and get a chance to get a refund for your season or win one of the 5 MEC gift cards (value of $ 100) offered by Équiterre. Click here for the registration form.

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