Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work if I go on vacation?

Delegate someone to pick up your basket on your behalf during your absence. What a great way to share the experience with someone else! However, if this option is not possible for you, contact us to make arrangements.

  • Where do the vegetables found in the baskets come from?

The contents of your basket comes entirely from our farm.

  • Are all the vegetables organic?

Everything in the basket is certified organic

  • Can I choose the contents of my basket?

The content is selected by the producer depending on the availability of seasonal vegetables.

  • Do I have to wash the vegetables from my basket?

Vegetables are pre-washed, it is necessary to wash them before preparing them.

  • Is it possible to participate in farm activities?

You are welcome at the farm if you wish to lend a hand. The idea is to call before you travel, the day before or the same morning and we will integrate you to the team.